Author: Matthew

Spoodcast 4.10 – Finally, This Episode

In the most delayed almost-live episode ever and the last of season four, Superman slightly kills everyone, we mostly defend Rob Ford’s wife’s honor, Joel almost goes gay, and we somewhat review season four. Also, if you turn this podcast into tiny…classified…ads, and place those ads around the country, you can make…ten dollars.

Spoodcast 4.01 – The Worst Show Ever

NASA celebrates their success exactly as they practiced it, the Olympics wrap up and we go back to not caring about it, and Nicholas Cage finds a national treasure in the body of your grandmother.

Spoodcast 3.05 – #KONYCAST2012

Kony gets a major political endorsement, V-GER becomes self-aware after receiving change in a cup, and Rick Santorum spends his free time thinking about gay dolphins.

Spoodcast 3.04 – The Best Show Ever

Jesus and Tebow have a falling out, we solve the crisis of world peace and save people from suffrage everywhere, and Joel finds the #1 best thing to do in South Bend.

A Very Spood Christmas Special!

W.D. & H.O. Wills and the National Spoodcasting Association present: A special radio drama Christmas presentation of: There’s a Murder Somewhere!

Spoodcast 1.17 – Mitt Romney Has Blank Eyes

Joel reads to Veteran’s in his support of the troops, Geoff celebrates the economy’s contribution to his free time, and politicians, now finished with campaigning, turn to what the Internet was made for.

Spoodcast 1.16 – Hot Hot White Guilt

The boys catch up after a long hiatus, Matthew seductively invites people to listen to his new album, and Libertarian Bob Barr dons a crown and brings democracy to African elephants.