Author: Kump

Spoodcast 4.09 – The Even Worse Show Ever!

In this special guest feature, we are joined by Jen Stebbing from The League of Manchildren to talk about Perogies (or is it Borscht?), the inappropriate Meme-Oracle, Carlos Danger, doin’ the Gonzo, and Matthew calls it quits for the Spoodcast!

Spoodcast 4.08 – Dribbble ewww mmm DRIBBBLE

In this semi-not-really-but-kinda-live-okay-not-like-episode, Matthew, Geoff, and Joel are under one roof! We discuss Kump’s Canadian Hipsterism, outdated console wars, iOS 7, and all the heavy petting on dribbble (with 7 b’s).

Spoodcast 4.07 – Welcome to the Spoopcast

In this episode, we are joined by Roland, who was definitely in a movie that existed, more dreams are shared, heads will roll on facebook’s new social layer, and we talk about poop for waaaaaaaay too long.

Spoodcast 4.06 – Papal Hangout

In this episode, we use google hangouts on the google+ social onion layer, there’s a new pope coming, Dennis Rodman discusses the new rules of basketball, and… um… what’s that movie… with the Arr arr arr… well… it sucks…

Spoodcast 4.04 – Snapchatting with Jesus

Congress plays family feud, Joseph SnapChat’s his sacred… um… cudgel…, Chris Angel Mindfreak’s the royal birth, and the only way to stop ‘bad’ fraking, is ‘good’ fracking.

Spoodcast 2.06 – Egypt Hearts Huckabees

We discuss stoning your love this Valentine’s Day, Joel discovering himself in England, the loner identification system, and are bridges the solution to impotence? Brought to you by NPR.