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Spoodcast 2.06 – Egypt Hearts Huckabees

We discuss stoning your love this Valentine’s Day, Joel discovering himself in England, the loner identification system, and are bridges the solution to impotence? Brought to you by NPR.

Spoodchat for 3/13/07

[11:35:36 PM] Matt says: okay [11:35:40 PM] Matt says: start spoodchat here [11:35:42 PM] Joel says: how will this be funny? [11:35:47 PM] Matt says: because [11:35:50 PM] Geoff says: was any of it funny? [11:35:51 PM] Joel says: 5 minutes is too long [11:35:55 PM] Joel says: how about 5 seconds [11:35:56 PM] Matt says: people will read this after listening to the spoodchat [11:36:02 PM] Geoff says: or before [11:36:04 PM] Matt says: this is like having DVD extras [11:36:05 PM] Joel says: huh? [11:36:14 PM] Matt says: DVD… it’s a digital versatile dics [11:36:17 PM] Matt says:...