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Spoodcast 1.14 – Tickle-Me Censorship

Anti-Facebook hippies spread their paranoia, we go shopping for our favorite Christmas gift from the Muslim world, and an aging Leonard Nimoy asks for help from his friend Bill Shatner, but unfortunately they are separated by a pane of glass in the reactor room. Also, which country has the tastiest citizens for cannibals?

Spoodcast 1.13 – Color the Homeless

Geoff stars in this collector’s edition podcast, with a supporting cast of Matthew and Joel. This in-depth talkumentary explores the societal conditions that create homelessness, and turns a compassionate eye on what might be done to create more color in their wardrobe, while at the same time offering passers-by an indication of just how long they have been homeless. More importantly, why hasn’t the girl at work seen 2001: A Space Odyssey? Seriously.

Spoodcast 1.12 – The Kerplunk of My Junk

Joel gets busted for getting Lexi into dog fighting (and having the dog compete against rags and squeaky toys), Matthew gets full custody rights to his son by competing in an arm-wrestling tournament, and we TOTALLY dropped the ball on attending Wilt Chamberlain’s wake. Also, we explore the comedy gold of car bombs… with mixed results.